English: How to upgrade the firmware?

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English: How to upgrade the firmware?

Postby Jörg Schaaf » Fri Sep 23, 2005 1:40 pm

Firmware Downloads
The spectralis offers easy firmware uploading and flashing via USB. Firmware updates will add further functionality to your spectralis.Please follow the following procedure in order to update your spectralis.

1.) Connect the spectralis with the USB cable to your computer. (Windows 2000, XP, MAC-OSX).

2.) 3 or less new mediums will appear on your desktop or explorer after a few seconds. The number of mediums differ dependent on inserted SmartMedia Cards. If no card is inserted, some OS versions are only showing up the internal Flash-Rom.

3.) Drag and drop the downloaded *.cod file onto the spectralis SPC_FLASH medium.

3a) Important Information for MAC Users: Please unmount the spectralis mediums after copying the file to the SPC_FLASH memory. Otherwise, the firmware file will not be copied correctly onto your spectralis!!!Unmounting can be done by drag and drop the medium icon onto the trash-icon!

4.) Press and hold the spectralis [Shift]-button and while holding down please push the [system]-button.

5.) Select the third menupage at versions below 095 and menupage 4 at systems above 095 with the [Page-Up]-button and select there the Upgrade Option by pushing the encoder labelled "Upgrade".

6.) A display dialog will appear asking, whether you want to update the firmware with the new version. In case you are seeing there an older version than the one, you have copied to the SPC_FLASH medium, please select the latest one by pushing the [Page-Up]-button multiple times until the latest one appears in the dialog.

7.) Confirm the update with the real [Enter]-button or the encoder button labelled with [Enter].
8.) After about twenty seconds the spectralis will automaticly reboot with the new version.

9.) Versions below 0.93 will start the upgrade dialog by pushing the [Record]-button while holding down the [Shift]-button.
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