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Postby joshelevator » Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:02 am

Hi Jorg, I'm just wondering if an overdub will be released. As far as I can tell, the Speck continues has no overdub. The Speck is amazing as is, but having overdub for real-time recording would be so cool for music, and incredibly helpful for fast editing/creating. I looked through the forums and didn't see anyone talking about this lately.. so I thought i would ask on the status. I'm not sure if i'm missing something, but as far as I can tell, there is yet to be overdub. Josh
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Postby acemonvw » Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:57 pm

RT worked on bug fixes with the latest OS and avoided complicating anything to get those cleared first. As far as additional features, I don't think there was anything mentioned about when they'd get done. Overdub is probably one of the biggest features that should be implemented, however.
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Postby pauldirks » Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:01 pm

For me, Overdub would be huge- a very significant addition. I find the three non-drum or anasynth parts a little limiting but overdub would help in a big way, and you could even get creative with your multisamples to have splits to add extra sounds.
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Postby acemonvw » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:19 pm

pauldirks - while there is no overdub, you said that you find the three non-drum or asynth parts a little limiting.

If you use external gear, consider following this tutorial as a work-around to get a total of 6 polyphonic motif recordings possible. The Asynth parts can be used to generate polyphonic midi motifs, giving you 3 more 'non-drum' parts.

This of course will not work if you mean to sequence internal parts, but I recall the number of samples that can be activated at once is 32 (correct me if I'm wrong), so with drums and 3 internal synth parts, you could be getting close to that maximum polyphony.
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Postby via » Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:54 pm

Ok been preparing a live set and I have to chime in as these things drive ma nuts:

1) overdub..
(with a way to scoop out notes ala mpc erase on the fly) . silly omission (the workaround external midi)

2) Fills ...
as the sp can have different divisions and length FILLs would be uber cool as they would be independent from pattern length; functioning as a rhythm alternates
(a cool workaround is sequencing favourites and transpose via external sequencer ...

3) Copy paste of seq lines (another wtf moment) ...

Top 3 by far for me and I´m a long time user ..

Now as I´m preparing a live set here are a few naggs that I would like to adress

4)File managing /coping of patterns between songs.
Arranging sounds patterns and songs is a very tedious prosess on mk1 when preparing a live set especially as everything is named SONGxx PATTERNxx and the user having to undock the sp everytime to cheek what is what .. Note this is not so bad on the spectralis 2 due to sessions folders and 2gig of ram

5)Not being able to switch songs realtime ..
is another performance noyance ... (workaround buya second spectralis: :mrgreen: ..(yet this can be overcome with other gear/sequencers/fx


I will also say say that when playing live it would be uber cool and help out a lot if there was a:
preformance setting for the LCD encoders
so the user can set up 4 favourite edits per each pattern .. ike:

(OSC1FM) (MvolEG DEcay) (SEQL11 length) (FX1 time)

... this would be superb as when performing as the LCD will update to pattern mode when switching patterns and thus if you where playing with FX before u switch you no longer have control over the FX as the sp is now in pattern window (a semi-workaround is an external sequencer doing pattern changing)


One of the most annoying workflow things is that ''SELECT'' does not always overwrite current mode to track select every time,.. its easy to accidentally switch patterns when wanting to select tracks .. really realy anyoing and a nightmare live.. this is actually a big workflow thing for me


Now I will say nothing compares to this box!!!
.. the stuff I´m getting out of this (especially once prosessed) knocks walls down when played on a big system with a very uniq futuristic sound (I´m extremely satisfied with the sound and groove of this machine (having control of tightness of tracks via beat divisions is superb and the swing, when set right just flows liquid,.. this is by far the best gear investment I´ve ever done (but man it took years to master) and man is the unfinished firmware hecktik facts to face.. even though these are big omissios its still by far my favorite .. that says something is very special about this box, most other instruments with these shortcomings would have been sold ages ago.


I will say if a jubelee version was to come out, (a bigger better spectralis) it would benefit largely from separate: pattern, tracks, favorites and drums having their own sections (doesn´t have to take up much space 4x4 grid of buttons with leds), as its way to flimsy to have these grouped together all sharing the same 16step buttons with no led coloring to indicate what mode you are in.. assignable Realtime encoders for the seq would be a pleasant performance addition (being able to group tracks for that performance would be awesome) and Direct Hardware control for Envelope settings and the Asynth Mixer would also be very welcome aid... I mean common RT you have a masterpiece on your hands take it all the way, it's a spectacular platform that deserves to be built on, there's nothing like it .. I might buy a few of these as a backup if the line never gets made again ..

darn .. this was going to be a short post with coffee ... :| :wink:
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