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Loop tips

Postby rbhall7ice » Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:28 am

If anyone is having loop problems with the Spectralis - there's an easy cure.
When you use a soundfont editor it should have not only a global loop setting , but individual loop settings for each sample of the multisample. - polyphone soundfont editor(free) has that - I've been using it for years now and have thousands of instruments made from my vintage equipment.
The funny thing is , to get loops to play properly on all the hardware samplers I've tried (kurzweil k2000,Yamaha A4000 , E'mu ESI4000 , Akai S5000 ) only the the global setting should be used - the rest are off.
The Spectralis wants not only the global loop symbol - but the global symbol copied to all individual samples as well.
- you click on the instrument triangle , then instrument to display the map.
- Then it easily plays exactly what you hear in polyphone. Sometimes if you use another program like LoopEditor (inexpensive and great looping app) for whatever reason and assemble the instrument in polyphone you might have clicks.
These are easily cured by removing (1) sample from the loop endpoint.(what's funny about the K2000 is it sometimes needs 1 sample removed from the startpoint - but we are talking Spectralis here , so there's the tip - if you open the sf2 multisample in the soundfont editor polyphone , make sure the "instrument" has the same loop symbol for ALL columns in the"loop playback" row.
(Top picture is what all the other samplers like , Bottom is what Spectralis likes)
This is what all the others want
polypothers.jpg (86.21 KiB) Viewed 1419 times
This is what Spectralis likes
polypspec.jpg (86.5 KiB) Viewed 1419 times
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Re: Loop tips

Postby Fent » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:16 pm

Dude, thanks a mill for this. I have collections of SFz I've been wanting to use for years and now it looks like I can. When I was was having trouble I was told to 'get a soundfont editor' but I didn't realize how simple it could be. I hope you didn't lose too many hairs figuring this out and I want to thank you again for this easy solution. :D
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Re: Loop tips

Postby rbhall7ice » Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:36 pm

Great - also there's something i forgot - for the Spectralis , the pan positions need to be full left and full right or else it won't play in stereo - so the panning , if needed , should be done before the WAVs are assembled into SF2.
There's another thing - unlike some other samplers ,certain details about the SF2 like env.release , etc. mostly do not survive when it ends up in the Spectralis - but you can just use the Spec's VCA for that.
Velocity layers work perfectly with the Spectralis.
This is really quick i might mention - if you already have your WAV's ready and know your way around polyphone , you can make a file ready for Spectralis import in under 30 seconds - And if you have an autosampling app as well for making your own WAVs/SF2s , things get real easy. - also don't forget to trim the end off the loops if needed to minimize file size (just select all samples at once and trim loop from "sample" tools).
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