BD Groove

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BD Groove

Postby via » Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:26 pm

So I did this discover after I was self admiring (we all do it!) my own grooves and thought the groove was sounding rather stellar (had a liquid flow) so I went to cheek and found out that I had been running the BD at 2/8 on that groove, after a quick phase test I found out that all the sequencers (drum, step , motif) in the spectralis have their own variant in feel!

You can test this by running the same sound on a different sequences and listening to their phase in a mute/solo A/B test.

Additionally a kick at 2/8 it will be more sample accurate vs 8/8

So u get a tighter 4/4 feel BD under a groove.... Super nice
Set it at  3/8 or higher = set how tight or lose the timing is 

Set number of bars to extend this timing for longer period 4bars = 1 bar at 2/8

Things are getting tropical.. 
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Re: BD Groove

Postby sicks » Thu Feb 04, 2016 3:24 pm

Hi Via,

Pleaase can you explain more...

I don't really understand.

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Re: BD Groove

Postby via » Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:34 pm

Sure, ... I tested the clock of the spectralis in another thread on this forum, there was a funky pattern in the clock (it's not sample accurate but its very tight and there is a fluctuation window of 32 samples .. 
Now each sequencer in the spectralis as its own version of that window, correct me if that's incorrect wording, but you can play copies of the same sound on different sequencers and the phase will be different depending on the sequencer.
If you play a the same BD (clean sound with no mod  and same vca  adsr) on Kick and Snare on a Drum seq there will be a certain phase lock between the two sound and it will be constant.. 
If you play the same BD sound on a Drum seq and a Step seq the phase will not be the same as if they where both on a drum grid seq 
The phase will be different on a motif seq vs drum vs step seq..  
And the phase will be different on two copies of a sound running on a drum grid at 8/8 vs two copies running a 2/8 drum grid  ... Although playing a 2/8 drum grid with a 8/8 drum grid will result in the same phase, two 2/8 grids playing together have a different phase ( bit tighter?)
You wont really hear these things in a song, the spectralis is already tight and we are in microscopic land (we are not talking milliseconds we are talking samples, the only way to hear this is through phasing)  but if you are rhythim experianced and/ or know sequencers and timing, you can feel this..
I dunno it could be psychoacoustics and placebo playing affect on me here this is "above hearing it" but I did feel my 4/4 kick got a bit tighter in a busy pattern after setting it to 2/8 .. And I've noticed this grove on some of my patterns,.. like I have this bass line that uses the arp trigger + seq lines and it just floats on the groove somehow.. (never do I get this type of groove on my mpc's, they are ruggid and tight, this is more liquid ..

Although my test wasn't quite the same as yesterdays (where I felt like I could feel the "lousiness" dependent on the x/8 setting of a 4on4 BD  in a busy patter ... (Welll... :idea: wait I have the spectralis here..., loads pattern .. Just tested .. 2/8 defenatly feels tighter !!! I'm so happy to have contol over this, and it sound,..err feels so nice!! :mrgreen:

so even if we cant hear this we are gaining a tiny tiny tiny bit of tightness and u can feel it. This could depend on the pattern btw, if it's very busy this 4on4 kick at 2/8 trick might really shine through ..
This Is like spice of that good old vintage charm when you have multiple sequencers running together each with its own feel, it creates a bit of magic 8) ;)
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Re: BD Groove

Postby via » Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:23 pm

Ok did some timing test

Empty Pattern 16th note division (6000 samples)

8/8 and 2/8 on drumgrid where identical in an empty pattern ..
difference in 1 or two samples on just 3 places (could have been my audio trimming)
0// 6134 /12143 /18151/24128 30136// 36144 /42121/48129 54138// 60146/ 66123/ 72131 78139// 84116/ 90125/ 96133

+134 +143 +151 +128 +136 +144 +121 +129 +138 +146 +123 +131 +139 +116 +125 +133
(11) (8) (-23) (9) (8) (-23) (8) (9) (8) (-23) (8) (8) (-23) (9) (8)

maximum length between 16th note = 32samples

So now for something funky ... it seams the spectralis will get more maximum length between 16th note when you add sequence tracks..
8/8 Pattern playing: All drum tracks, 1 motif 17 step sequence tracks (I´m not sure how many FB tracks where active)
0// 6040/ 12079/ 18088/ 24222/ 30073// 36050/ 42058/ 48129/ 54043// 60052/ 66060/ 72225 78077//84053/ 90030/ 96133

+40 +79 +88 +222 +73 +50 +58 +129 +43 +52 +60 +225 +77 +53 +30 +133

2/8 Pattern playing All drum tracks, 1 motif 17 step sequence tracks
0// 6056/ 12065/ 18041/ 24207/ 30058// 36035/ 42043/ 48114 54028// 60037/ 66045/ 72210/ 78030// 84038/ 90015/ 96118

+56 +65 +41 +207 +58 +35 +43 +114 +28 +37 +45 +210 +30 +38 +15 +118

So a 2/8 pattern is slightly more steady in an average pattern... not by much,.. but it is a tiny bit more constant (at least for this 1bar test .. full 8 bars would be more accurate test, (no time for that)...

So in conclusion a 8/8 and 2/8 division in drumgrid are the same on an empty pattern but in a very busy pattern where the funk/slop will be more emanate 2/8 might get you a tad bit more steady timing,.. so yeah, it´s nice to have this option, personally I´ll be using time division settings in patterns from now-on as means to effect the groove ..
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