New User - My Journey

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New User - My Journey

Postby pauldirks » Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:09 pm

Hey Everyone,

I'm an excited new owner of a used Spectralis 1. So I thought I would introduce myself to the community as well as offer my own experience and journey in buying and using this beautiful beast. My name is Paul Dirks and I am a home studio vocalist/producer who makes vocal electronic music that is heavily influenced by both motown/soul music and 80's electronic and dance music- including cheesy euro-dance (Technotronic, Black Box etc.). I am a hobbyist who released an album 6 years ago (you can check out some old stuff here: )

Over the course of the last year, I had been reconfiguring the studio to be modular so that I had not only a composition environment at home, but could take a rack case and laptop out to do vocal recording, and a different live case out for performance.

My two main synth pieces of the last 10 years (including one album) have been EMU samplers (E6400 and E6400 ultra) and a Nord G2 Modular. Through some buying and selling, I was able to bolster my sound options to include a nice keyboard synth (bought and sold an OB-12, which I loved for some reasons, but couldn't afford to keep, and am happy with it's replacement) which became a Korg Z1 . Through some of this buying and selling, I carved out enough money to purchase my first analog synth. I had about a thousand (Canadian) and considered a few options. Here were my requirements:

* a great analog sound. I already had a Nord G2, which sounds amazing, so it needed to sound gutsy and beefy
* At least 2, if not three VCO's for flexibility
* midi
* wanted something with a lot of knobs
* didn't want a 303 sound.
* desktop format was more attractive to me than rackmount
* keyboard was an ok format but don't like only 2 octaves, so then you start getting up in price quickly.
* real desire for something unique. this ruled out DSI stuff.
* didn't want something too old that was going to be a repair nightmare for me

To top it off, I also wanted a sequencer for live possibilities. So something like an RM1x (or EMU Command Station) + xyanalog synth loomed large as well, although that obviously cut down what I could spend on the analog synth. Some of the analog synths I seriously considered:

* MFB synth II/kraftzwerg
* Vermona Lancet
* Pittsburgh Modular
* Studio electronics se1

One of the challenges of course is that at least up here in Canada there aren't a lot of options for trying out these boutique synths...

To be continued
Paul Dirks
Bishop & Mulholland
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Re: New User - My Journey

Postby via » Fri Jun 05, 2015 11:04 pm

Yello and welcome to the forums ..

for you synth suggestion I would suggest MFB dominion 1 (IMO one of the greatest synths ever released in this price range) if memory memory is not an issue a korg odyssey or the polygamist are great contenders aswell..

cheaper option would be the Eowave Magma (although there are no really good online demos online I can hear a very hard powerful raw sound under the hood, if memory and midi can escape you the Erebus sounds amazing (para-poly aswell), pulse 2 if you can forgive the knobless UI .. then there are the Moog sub´s if you like that sound... many options actually..

But honestly for the description you gave the; Dominion 1, Polygamist and Odyssey all superb sounding and I don´t think you can´t go wrong with any of them..
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