spectralis the best groove box on stage..

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spectralis the best groove box on stage..

Postby persi74 » Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:14 am

Hi personally i use since i buy spectralis 2 on stage ,with other hardware like Elektron and other synt,,
The Spectralis have a realy good sonund on the big PA system really symilar a vinyl so warm an rich with 10000w..
The other machine sound just diffrent better for me in idm-glitch.elettronica contest,and this one have lay out more flexible for tweaking...i also use all tha machine together without sync i use a mixer con precue for channel and i mix the all sounds
and what come out is a nice commisture,i 'm not musician and i whish that one time spectralis give the possybility to have same necessary functuion for all editi real time recording,overdub and real time recording i'm sure that that thinks can put the machine on the top of the chart ...and used much more il live section........
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