Please be kind & modify your Website

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Please be kind & modify your Website

Postby kOin » Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:33 am

Hi Jörg, Hi all,

I bought a speckie 2 few months ago (9 to be precise), I'm very happy about most of the features, and the sound is great, no pb with it.

However, I would like to start this topic because I feel like "disappointed" now, and I'm about to have a discussion with my vendor because it's not as it supposed to be. I think that if your website was different maybe I do not have this reaction today (excuse my english talking, I'm not really good for that).

Let me explain :

On your website, and nowhere "visible", we can see that there are missing/not working functions (like overdub, recording of midi controllers, master midi latency, bugs with sequencer, arp...). Inversely, in first page, we can see that :

"Never stop the sequencer engine again with our fully redesigned sequencer engine that allows for on the fly realtime sequencing, recording of MIDI controllers and overdubbing"

...and control the Spectralis 2 parameters via MIDI from your computer

-> I'm curious of which kind of controls you are talking about ? excepted note on/off, it's not really clear

It's just 2 examples of course, in order to motivate this topic. I did not have a deep look to the forum before buying because neither your website & my vendor (famous one, MESI) told me anything about this failures. If they/you did, maybe I did not spend 2045€ (it's a really big cost for me). I know "das gerhat" have not been made for "small things" like that but in my opinion, it makes sense if we can use them.

Do you think I'm right your site should be more honnest ? One solution could be simply an asterisk (*) to detail "todo" features.

Thank you for your answers Jörg, and continue your great job, I continue to say it's great, and always recommand spectralis 2. This topic is just about "commercials".

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Re: Please be kind & modify your Website

Postby Jörg Schaaf » Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:51 pm

Uhhps - I made a big mistake. I should have checked more carefully the translation of my german brochure text before posting that. When I made that brochure, a new firmware was released with some new features:

1.) Realtime Sequencing became available without stopping the sequencer. Even switching from one part to the next while remaining in the realtime recording loop became possible. That has been translated into overdub recording and can create some confusion. I am very sorry for that. But overdub recording at one part is a feature of the upcoming new firmware release.

2.) Realtime recording of Modulation wheel, Pitch Bend etc was also very new when the last firmware appeared. That already allows for the realtime recording of the filter cutoff frequency, resonance and some other parameters. The engine itself is already prepared to record up to 8 parameters in a track. But so far only the assignable MIDI controllers are supported. The next version will come up with realtime knob recording. So - I don't know whether you checked the modulation assignment dialogs at some edit pages - but with the opportunity to assign for example the modulation wheel to the cutoff frequency one can already record filter frequency movements and the assigned MW can also be sent by a software sequencer. That is not the same like a full MIDI support of all parameters - no question about that - but the MIDI implemention for the next firmware is almost finished and will become available later this year.

Sorry again - the text will get changed soon to cover more exactly, what the Spectralis can do.
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Re: Please be kind & modify your Website

Postby kOin » Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:34 pm

Thank you very much for your answer Jörg, and your reactivity ! Not many manufacturers works like you, it should be tiring for you I hope you take holidays from time to another ;)

I feel so in love with the speckie that it will be an horror to separate from it. I saw that onto the board, but reading you confirming that a new firmware will come this year with this features is awesome.

I don't know how I can sleep next months with that now. I'm as a child waiting for his christmas gifts :) Thank you.

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