Workflow: Filter pages

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Workflow: Filter pages

Postby Elektroherd » Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:59 pm

When I push [Cutoff LP]-encoder, to edit the filters parameters, the first two pages are related to modulator, the most important page is 3/9. After that comes again some modulators . On the next few pages come bus-volumes and then finally again on the last page... modulators :|

Same for MM

Please tidy it up. Spectralis seems to not make so much fun anymore with this chaos
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Re: Workflow: Filter pages

Postby via » Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:34 pm

I agree the modulator pages (p2) should be ^ sub page in the p1 Filter section .. but I do like the LFO on page 1 it´s very practical .. page 3 was added in 1.04k but all it´s parameters are all editable from the front panel (keytracking = shit+ reso) just for your know how, but it´s important to have that page for visualization ..The filter FM pages should not be sub pages IMO .. once you start using them, you´ll be using them allot to give character or more aggression to the filters (I use some filter FM in all most every patch now.. they are also very handy in when jamming

I would love to see the routing under VCA output (Filter Pan), as sub pages for Filter outputs (the encoder next to it), having direct access to Filter output page is very convenient, but I would have thought 2nd page could easily fit there without effecting the flow, p2 would be OSC output (again with a sub ^ pages for pan) and the VCA output encoder is now free as 3 pages for internal routing OSC to MM LP FB the entire routing under 2 encoders for quick essential configuration (covering the main out buses and internal buses), ..The OSC to FX page could be sub pages or remain in the OSC section (not as vital for direct access), as every thing over 3 pages per ONE encoder is pushing the workflow experiance..

So + 100000000000000000000000000 x billion = pages should defiantly be optimized on the UI ..

No idea why it take them so long, a simple update only to optimize menu structure would be great all on it´s own without any fancy features added ... I find the 8 pages in the step sequencer and no quick way to jump to p1 a real workflow eater ...
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Re: Workflow: Filter pages

Postby Fluence » Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:10 pm

Yes, this shouldn't be too much work I think. We could do tiny updates every three months!

This would really help the workflow. FM sounds should be everywhere and they need to be in close range! :)

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