Workflow: Envelope pages

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Workflow: Envelope pages

Postby via » Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:24 am

Volume ADSR would be much faster to access and user/workflow friendly if they where organized as selection instead of p1-8 a selection of two main envelope pages

EG balance encoder Volume ADSR
p1 [OSC3] [OSC2] [OSC3] [OSC4]
p.2 [LP] [MM] [FB] [Noise]

EGEncoder = ^ or last select envelope with Exit to get to the above 2 pages^
this means your only a click or two from any envelope..

And at this stage drop the volume ADSR for the Filters under FilterEG as the filter volume envelopes are so quickly accessed directly under the EG balance encoder, and add 1 page under FilterEG for the filter FX sends like it was before OS1.04
p3 LP&MM send FX 1 & 2

you´ve effectively gotten rid of 4 pages in the filter section and every envelope is max two clicks away :idea:

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Re: Workflow: Envelope pages

Postby via » Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:52 pm

I´m sure RT has realized this by know .. but this structure can be applied to the entire unit..

say under the VCA output encoder: you could have all the Sends on two pages,..
& The direct outputs for OSC and filters under VCA level with pan as sub

And once they trim up the some double section and move the send matrix under the VCA the entire OSC section could fit under two encoders with two pages each (16 pages) :idea:
something Like
OSC Shape
p1.[TLM] [MOD] [Crush] PStart]
p3 [OSC1] [OSC2] [OSC3] [OSC4]

same for pitch = one page
[fine] [coarse] [Envlp] [scale]
no need to go digging for the pitch envelope

Encoder jumps from last selected page and group menu (exit also being valid option)

We now have on only 1 or 2pages under the encoders :shock: and still maintain the Encoder ''last page'' memory .. and we are only a click or two away from any page :!: :idea:

das workflow uber :wink:

..I know I have to much free time ..
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Re: Workflow: Envelope pages

Postby Elektroherd » Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:46 pm


The spectralis workflow feels like hell sometimes. There is so much room for improvements in the programflow, which could make the whole machine accessible much easier and more intuitively.

I dont understand, when I want to access Pitch Enevlope, I need to be directed through a [VCO Pitch Envelope Preset]-page. That doesnt make any sense to me. The encoder-values in this page hasnt any function specified.

Skip this step and make it accessable directly by clicking one encoder in [VCO Coarse Tune]-page.
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