The step sequencer workflow

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The step sequencer workflow

Postby via » Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:16 am

To the designers: you are semi-gods and we are forever greatfull for your genius, yet there's room for a major impoement in workflow and being a spectralis user for 5 years I feel I know the workflow quite well and even though things are 2nd nature there are points in it's workflow that always seam awkward, i.e. scrolling through tracks is shared by an encoder for editing parameters..

specially when setting up one of the most used pages: resolution (something that will be used quite extensively once the fantastic feature of mixer envelopes will be added (making it possible to do long fade ins /outs per pattern, brilliant!) ..

currently flipping between p1 (selecting line) and p2 resolution is constant through out the workflow …this would improve allot if selecting lines would physical.. Hold target + step = selects line

To make this even more practical for arranging a live set/ jam, allow the spectralis to arrange/move tracks around (this goes for drum and Dsynth tracks swell) the MPC4000 has this feature, its a pro touch that´s self explanatory.

Another improvement would be to utilize the Function + step 10 and step 12 that currently allow for quick access to 12th and 24th note resolution to act as a simple + and - for resolution :!:
this should also be very handy live :idea:

Now pages: 3/skip, 4/Glide 5/mute 6/last only clutter the menu with no current gain..This Also should apply to page 7 which I believe is planned for line mutes.. make these pop up only when shortcut is selected.

Make buttons pressing behave similar to: ''encoder double pressing'' (flips between pages/ or in this case cycles through pages.

so to sum the step-seq up completely:

**Function + Step 10 &12 act as -(minus) & +(plus) for resolution
**Target + step selects seq line (shuffle for 17-24)
**Step Seq should only have 3 pages (1,2,8)
**Pages 3-7 should only be pop ups via the front panel shortcuts,
**Pressing Function Button repetitively cycles through the 3 pages
**Allow for Swap/arrange lines

Feature: Probability in circular values
Edit functions: Append and copy /paste
Shuffle: moves step-seq by bars
Shift+Shuffle: moves step seq by steps (like its currently set up)

So there that´s my yet again yearly step seq rant.. :wink:
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