Shift/Fills and memory banks

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Shift/Fills and memory banks

Postby via » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:48 pm


know this is going to seam like a very weird time to make this request but I´ve started to prepare a live set and it is my experience thus far tha fills are a vital feature in a live performance box. Now the need to hold shift function a bit award to access bank B (its not bad, many boxes preform this way ... but here´s my suggestion

When you press the Num button assignments (Song, Pattern, DRum Groove, MOtif, favorites)
the LCD displays on 1st encoder: A/B (there´s even room for C & D)

Simply access bank B by pressing the num button again!
Num button could blink to indicate your in B (plus the LCD will display A [B]) ... if we can have banks C and D the lead could blink 3 and 4x the speed and the brakets will move to indicate memory bank: A B [C] D

>>Num buttons would circle through memory banks.

this frees up shift for shift+pattern = FILL (a 2nd pattern(copy) reserved for fills)

in this Fill Pattern you´d have

Live and Auto and Target options ... and Length (something like a step chaining like in song mode would be spectacular!! but that might just be a dream)

Live= instant (fills triggers after 16steps)
Auto = Number of the measure of the fill (so it automatically triggers after a set number of bars (2-32)

Current = (reverts to the current playing pattern after fill)
Next pattern = reverts to a selected pattern ( so after a fill the selected target pattern will play)

so say you´re in a live set and you´ve been playing a groove and are ready to take it to the breakdown, you could trigger a pattern fill ( shift + pattern) pattern will blink) you´ve programmed the fill to measurement of 16) as it plays up to the fill, you have your hands free to play with the buildup knowing that after the fill you´ll be in the breakdown pattern /you can deselect the fill via shift+ pattern)

this also gives for more locations for Songs, Patterns, Drum Grooves, Motifs and Favorites (aslo motifs and drums should act like favorites this will make the spectralis a godlike for live preformance

So yhea excuse me and my great timing ..but I had to get this of my chest as I´d would love for it to preform this way in alive setting ..

Off topic:
I would like to point out that it would be a good idea to change the coloring of some of the leds like Num buttons or the the Mixing desk: say could be orange while the drum and stepseq are green .. as the Num puttons and Mixing desks overwrites the Encoder functions,.. at very least make the step seq lights blink or something to indicate their inactivity as this is always confusing until you´ve completely imprinted that into your brain/flow ... I know its not realistic to request this for mk1 & 2 but at least its food for thought for an MK3 unit ;)
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