paraphonic mode for the Asynth ?

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paraphonic mode for the Asynth ?

Postby VennDiagram » Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:27 pm

Would it be possible to implement a Paraphonic mode for the A-synth at all or is it not feasibly possible ?
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Re: paraphonic mode for the Asynth ?

Postby acemonvw » Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:42 pm

Yeah, I brought it up (and I think others did as well). Jorg thought it could be implemented, but never really said much afterwards. So... the idea is out there in RT land.
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Re: paraphonic mode for the Asynth ?

Postby bug2342 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:20 pm

Well, if you have a reasonable control keyboard you can go duo-phonic.
You can setup two of the trigger groups, the first one to have a trigger priority for the high notes and the second one to have a trigger priority for the low modes.

Now setup your master keyboard to send all the played notes to channel 1 and 13 (should be Asyn...I think).

Setup the Speci to send channel 1 to Group 2 (hold a synth, select group 2).

Trigger half of the oscillators on one group and the other half from the other, assign the filter to one of the groups.

The result should be rather close to paraphony.

Other option to do something similar:
Setup your keyboard to send to channel 13 (again) and one (or more) of the Dsyn parts (14, 15, 16). Now your filters (and whatever else you use from the Asyn) plays monophonic, including the envelopes and the Dsyn parts are polyphonic (if you set them up this way).

I forgot: obviously you need to rout the Dsyn parts to Filter(s) using the usual routing.

Obviously you can mix and match with the previous trick and e.g. trigger/track the 12dB Envelope on the high note and the 24dB envelope on the low note and use the Dsyns for polyphonic oscillators.

Actually this is more powerful than most (I think all) paraphonic synths.
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