Strange behavior on Mod Wheel / pitch bend record

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Strange behavior on Mod Wheel / pitch bend record

Postby acemonvw » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:57 pm

I haven't come across this issue before, simply because I never use the modwheel or pitch bend during live recording, but figured it was a good time to test it out.

Jorg says that we can route the mod-wheel to any of the parameters and record that (so, some minor live tweaking capabilities). However, if I set Mod source 1 in filter cutoff, and then record me playing a note while I move the wheel, I find that it behaves extremely erratically.

The cutoff is not affected during recording but when I stop and push play again, it works, but only sort of... like, you'll hear the cutoff move slightly and then, wham... completely open. I guess this could be due to my controller. I'll try a different controller tonight and see what happens.

Anyone else have this problem?
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