Faking filter self-oscillation: Accelerator soundscape demos

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Faking filter self-oscillation: Accelerator soundscape demos

Postby acemonvw » Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:51 am

Hey everyone,

I began recently exploring the use of sine (and other) waves to fake self-oscillating resonant peaks on the filters. You might be asking, well - don't the ones on the Accelerator already do this? Yes - they do, but their resonant peaks extend only up to roughly 12 khz - somewhere in there. I want to get some really high pitched resonance - but was unable to. Joerg suggested using a sine wave to create this effect.

This might only work in a few instances, I don't know - but here are the results of my testing. The nice thing about the Accelerator is that you are able to use the 3rd oscillator for this and use the mod matrix to help shape the oscillator in the way you might want. I was really happy with the results!


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