Sequencer capabilities

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Sequencer capabilities

Postby koenig » Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:53 pm

I have on and off, since I went to a Tangerine Dream concert in Berlin in May, been very tempted to get a Manikin Schrittmacher. I am a total sucker for stepsequencers and the blinking lights of them have totally got me transfixed... :D

Anyway, there seems to be a rather competent sequencer in the Accelerator which I have yet to grok, and this leads to my question: has anyone thought about the sequencer in comparison to others?

I have put the Spectralis on my personal wish list, since I recon it might be good addition, but, seriously, I do not really need yet another synth (ask my wife) but what I would like to have is a good live sequencer.

Today I use the Mac program Numerology extensively but I have noticed that I just use it as a step sequencer and from time to time the puritan in me knocks on the door and questions the kosher way of having a computer on stage. OK, so I am a snob - so sue me... :D

Rambling on...

Back to the issue at hand: how good is the internal sequencer when it comes to handling outboard equipment and, especially, playing live with sequences (skip, mute, transpose, mutate, you know the drill)?


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Re: Sequencer capabilities

Postby Fent » Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:58 am

The sequencer is great for short little motifs and being able to record chords is a big plus. You have 32 steps to work with but there is no swing or note nudge so it's missing a little bit of versatility. Various sequence directions are possible, step mutes, skips,'s all in the manual.

The sequencer can be triggered externally which is cool too.

I'm not sure if any updates are planned for the sequencer functions...maybe Jorg could chime in and speak on this?
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