Accelerator in production

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Accelerator in production

Postby Jörg Schaaf » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:46 pm

Yep - the circuit boards are now in production. The first units will hit the market by end of february. Meanwhile I can also tell you something about the FX section:

1.) we kept the three band full parametric EQs inside the voices. That allows us to use them for single parts.
2.) Tube saturation algorithm - sounds very nice on organ sounds but is also nice with higher values for creating really dirty bass lines or solo synth sounds.
3.) rotary speaker simulation - sounds awesome on organs. With tunable crossover for the higher and the lower cabinet speakers, independent acceleration. So cool- I played hours on organ sounds today although organs are normally not really my pair of shoes.
4.) the well known modulation delay of the Spectralis with some little extras,
5.) Phaser - Welcome to all kinds of Jarrish sounds.
6.) 6 voice stereo chorus.
7.) Reverbration

But the best thing of all - all these FXs are available at the same time. The Accelerator has 4 of this FX-chains. Switching from one dual or split sound to another works without any truncated FX release phases as we only switch to a second pair of stereo busses with independent FX-chains. So - with other words, we have four FX chains just to use 2 FX chains at a time without any FX dropout hazzles. A complete voice remain even for FXs is a nice Live feature. If you for example hold a chord on the keyboard and hit a program change, still pressed voices will remain in the sustain phase until you are releasing the keys but new keys added to the chord will already run with the new sound - with full FX chains.

I will produce a new video demonstrating some of the sounds quite soon. As a little appetizer I present you the chorus FX of the Accelerator. In this little example the step sequencer is triggering some chords and the chorus fades in and out. At the end you are listening to the dry signal. I call this chorus the Dimension Radikal;-)
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Re: Accelerator in production

Postby aquapher » Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:15 am

Wow... that sounds fantastic!
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